Common Cause NY Statement on AG Investigation of US Chamber of Commerce

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Susan Lerner

June 28, 2012


Common Cause NY Statement on AG Investigation of US Chamber of Commerce

In response to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s investigation into the US Chamber of Commerce for misuse of its tax exempt status, Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause NY issued the following statement:

“Because secret money is poisoning our politics, Attorney General Schneiderman should be congratulated for taking a hard look at whether or not the Chamber of Commerce and its affiliated nonprofit are skirting our laws to exert improper influence on the political process.

In the absence of any meaningful oversight by federal regulators, we enthusiastically welcome this investigation. Courts continue to open up more avenues for secret money to flow into our political system, and we need more cops on the beat using every legal tool at their disposal to enforce the laws we do have. Attorney General Schneiderman has significant authority to rein in foundations and other nonprofits that improperly engage in political activities, and we commend him for using that authority aggressively in the public interest.

This inquiry sends a clear message: no matter how powerful or well-connected you are, there will be consequences for breaking the law.”