Common Cause/NY Statement in Response to Districting Commission’s Decision to Revise Maps

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Susan Lerner

December 4, 2012


Common Cause/NY Statement in Response to Districting Commission’s Decision to Revise Maps

In response to the Districting Commission’s decision to revise the draft plan for New York City, Common Cause/NY Executive Director, Susan Lerner released the following statement:

“The Districting Commission must make comprehensive changes to the problem areas of the entire map, taking into account public input and other criticism, to produce a better plan for all New Yorkers. As Common Cause has previously outlined, there are a number of issues which must be addressed, not only the matter of Assemblyman Lopez. A more thorough and transparent process is paramount in order to restore the public’s faith that our City’s representational lines have not been politicized for personal gain.

While we welcome the opportunity for additional public hearings, analysis, and comment we are troubled by the fact that the Commission circumvented the revision procedure outlined in the City Charter and that Commission members appear not to be receiving information on the plans and procedures that they are being asked to approve in advance of the actual vote. We urge Commission members to continue their proactive and questioning stance regarding the Commission’s activities.”