Common Cause Calls on CFB to Focus on Organized Money, Not Organized People

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Deanna Bitetti

October 27, 2011


Common Cause Calls on CFB to Focus on Organized Money, Not Organized People

Independant expenditure rules should enlighten the general public about special interest money, unions and non profits exempt

NEW YORK-At a hearing of the Campaign Finance Board to determine rules for independent expenditures, Common Cause NY delivered testimony which included a call to exempt member to member communications within a union, and non-profit advocacy.

“Special interests often favor independent expenditure campaigns, allowing them to spend large sums to influence public opinion, without revealing their identity. Common Cause NY supports the need for stringent reporting requirements so that voters know exactly who is bankrolling these campaigns. However, we are concerned with organized money, not organized people, which is why we do not believe that member to member communications within a union should have to be disclosed as independent expenditures. In addition to union groups, many non-profits take part in issue campaigns aimed at specific elected officials around budgetary matters. Non-profits and base building groups should be able to engage in advocacy work without running afoul of the electioneering law,” said Deanna Bitetti, Associate Director of Common Cause NY.