Common Cause analysis reveals Libous took in 64% of campaign cash from outside donors

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Contact: Susan Lerner

April 5, 2012


Common Cause analysis reveals Libous took in 64% of campaign cash from outside donors

Binghamton Residents and Grassroots Leaders Demand Publicly-Financed Fair Elections System

As part of a statewide effort to build support for campaign finance reform, Common Cause NY joined today with Citizen Action, the League of Women Voters and others in Binghamton.

Common Cause NY revealed original research which showed that Senators Libous (R-52) received 64% of his campaign donations from outside of the district. The Senator relied almost entirely on large contributions over $200 to fill his campaign coffers and raised more than 75% of funds from corporations and organizations rather than individual New Yorkers.

There are upcoming events in other cities with similar data forthcoming.

Today residents and leaders in Binghamton came together to call on Senator Tom Libous to fight for a system of publicly financed Fair Elections when he returns to Albany on April 17th. Those gathered demanded that their leaders in Albany make Fair Elections the top priority issue for the remainder of this year’s legislative session.

“We need Fair Elections so that our elected officials are accountable to the people who put them in office, not the special interests which fund their campaigns. Our current system undermines the very essence of democracy and advantages big money donors over the needs of average voters. Public policy shouldn’t be set by the highest bidder,” said Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause NY.

As the public continues to bear the brunt of pain after budget cuts to services, schools, and safety net programs, community leaders came together to demand that our elected leaders in the State Senate and Assembly ensure the priorities of Region are met by passing Fair Elections. A Fair Elections system would allow the priorities of constituents to matter more, because big campaign contributions would matter less. Fair Elections is proven to increase small donor participation in elections, boosting civic engagement and strengthening democracy.

This press conference was one in a series of events being held across New York State to demand elected leaders in Albany reform our election system. More information on the campaign can be found at

Senator Thomas Libous (R-52)

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