Broad Alliance of New York Area Groups Highlights Diversity on 9/11 Anniversary with Online Virtual Vigil

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Contact: Susan Lerner

September 10, 2011


Broad Alliance of New York Area Groups Highlights Diversity on 9/11 Anniversary with Online Virtual Vigil

New York Coalition that Diffused Tension around Park 51 Counters Hate-Mongers with Hashtag Campaign on September 11th

On Sunday September 11th, 2011, beginning at 9 AM EST and extending through the end of the day, New York Neighbors for American Values, a non-partisan coalition of over 130 area groups, is launching an online campaign that urges participants to use the twitter hashtag #911virtualvigil, and the facebook tag @NYNeighbors for all events, feelings, and general tweets that promote diversity, peace, empathy, community service and understanding on the day of remembrance.

Organizers stress this nationwide show of support for the American values of equality, tolerance, and faith, as a means to drown out the voices of political opportunists, and hate-mongers-who are demonstrating around the anniversary as well-without engaging with them directly.

Susan Lerner, Chair of the steering committee for New York Neighbors for American Values remarked: “We believe that this anniversary should be an occasion to recall the ways in which our city and country experienced numerous expressions of unity, empathy and a renewed faith in each other as many of us joined together in the days, months and years following the tragedy. A Twitter Virtual Vigil allows each of us, whether we’re in New York City or anywhere else around the world, to share how 9/11 impacted each of us and to share how we each plan to spend the day fostering understanding, diversity and service in our communities.”

The coalition welcomes the support of individuals as well as organizations, and asks that those who add #911virtualvigil or @nyneighbors to their tweets and posts pay due respect to the occasion by sharing personal experiences, and plans for commemoration, without politically engaging those who seek to divide or create controversy. Full details of the campaign are available at

New York Neighbors for American Values is a coalition of more than 130 organizations that embraces the core American values of religious freedom, diversity and equality. For more information please visit: