But unlike many other states, New York’s antiquated laws discourage voting and deny citizens the freedom to vote. We’re a national leader on many issues, but still have some of the most regressive voting laws in the country.

Let NY Vote (formerly Easy Elections NY) is a statewide coalition effort of grassroots and grasstops organizations, established community groups and newly energized activists, civil rights and religious leaders, unions and good government organizations — who have coalesced around a shared vision of equitable access to the ballot box.

We envision a more inclusive and representative democracy for New York State, where unnecessary barriers to voting have been eliminated and our elections are modernized.

Our Policy Priorities

Let NY Vote is pushing for four simple measures to protect and expand the freedom to vote for every eligible New Yorker. We want:

In order for our system to work, every eligible citizen should be able to vote. New York fails on measures of voter equity and inclusion, and it’s past time for change.

To learn more about the Let NY Vote and how you can get involved, please visit letnyvote.org.

Next Campaign

Let NYC Vote: Help Bring Ranked Choice Voting to the City!