Let NY Vote is a nonpartisan statewide coalition that harnesses the power of grassroots activists, civil rights organizations, advocacy groups, labor unions and everyday New Yorkers in the fight to bring more people into the democratic process. With over 9,000 activists and 150+ organizational partners, Let NY Vote is a powerful, nimble, and effective advocacy powerhouse that has achieved real results that strengthen our democracy.

In just two years, the Let NY Vote coalition has already changed history. In January 2019, the coalition saw six game changing voting rights reforms for all New Yorkers. Thanks to the coalition’s tireless efforts New Yorkers will soon see:

  • Nine days of early voting before every election
  • A single election for congressional and state primaries (instead of two separate elections)
  • Portable voter registration – when a New Yorkers moves, their voter registration moves with them
  • Pre-registration of 16- and 17-year-olds

We also took a major first step towards achieving same day voter registration and no-excuse absentee voting (vote by mail). Each requires a constitutional amendment, so implementing these will require multiple years of work.

Let NY Vote has already won major victories in two short years. But our work is far from over. We will continue to champion our inclusive, equity-focused reform platform:

  • Electronic poll books: electronic poll books would continue to modernize our elections and facilitate early voting.
  • Automatic Voter Registration (AVR): transforming the act of registering to vote from an opt-in process to an opt-out process significantly increases the number of active voters. Learn more here.
  • Permanent restoration of voting rights for justice-involved individuals.
  • Shortening the deadline for changing party affiliation prior to an election.
  • Well-designed, user-friendly ballots: New York’s current law results in ballots with small, nearly illegible typeface and confusing layout. Passing the Voter Friendly Ballot Act would deliver legible, clear ballots in New York.

To learn more about the Let NY Vote and how you can get involved, please visit letnyvote.org.

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