Ranked Choice Voting will be Question 1!*
Over the last year, Common Cause/NY has united a nonpartisan, citywide network of voting rights and election reform advocates, good government groups, and everyday New Yorkers. We demanded the Charter Revision Commission seriously consider Ranked Choice Voting as a substantive reform to our local elections. Thanks to our collective action, they heard us and now it heads to voters for final approval.

How does this change voting for New Yorkers if Question 1 passes?
Starting in 2021, instead of voting for just one candidate, New Yorkers would be able to rank their top 5 candidates from first to last choice on the ballot in all primary and special elections for Mayor, Comptroller, Public Advocate, Borough President and City Council. If voters still want to vote for just one candidate, they can.

A candidate who collects a majority of the vote, fifty percent plus one, wins. If no candidate receives over 50 percent of the first choice preferences, the candidate with the fewest first choice preferences is eliminated and voters who ranked that candidate first have their ballots instantly counted for their second choice preference. The process is repeated until there’s a final pair with a majority winner.

How does this change our local elections?
Unlike our current election system, Ranked Choice Voting helps:

  • Produce winners chosen by the majority of their district.
  • Save New York City money by avoiding costly citywide run-offs.
  • Help New Yorkers make sense of crowded candidate fields in primary and special elections.
  • Encourage candidates to compete everywhere and pay attention to every community.

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