Throughout the summer and fall, Common Cause New York works to tackle the growing issue of low voter turnout in local elections, especially among millennial voters ages 18-34. We teamed up with Rock the Vote, a national organization working to build long-term youth political power, and through this unique partnership we established Generation Vote NYC, a project with the purpose of engaging and informing young voters about the local elections in all five boroughs of New York City.

2017 Program

We made a careful effort to design Generation Vote to be effective, not just in registering young voters, but in helping them make it to the polls. To reach a diverse group of young voters, we partnered with more than 25 select neighborhood and community organizations throughout the city. Our partners shared resources, assisted with event planning, and helped promote activities through outreach with their membership. The project developed a candidate questionnaire, created an informative online voter guide to educate young voters on relevant city issues, co-hosted several candidate forums, and engaged in a variety of registration and GOTV activities directed to thousands of young voters at concerts, fairs, outdoor movie nights, and other community events.

We are proud of the tremendous impact that Generation Vote had in just a few months:

  • We sent text reminders to 40,000 young voters between the primary and general elections in 14 competitive districts encouraging them to vote and sharing information on the candidates, deadlines, and poll site locations.
  • More than 13,000 young voters across the city viewed our Candidate Voter Guide with Rock the Vote for the primary and general elections.
  • We engaged more than 200 volunteers, who were trained and provided with in-person volunteer opportunities, such as voter registration, canvassing, phone banking and candidate outreach.
  • We attracted over 400 new people who signed up to receive mobile election reminders from us since the platform launched in June.

While we are actively gearing up to continue the Generation Vote project next year, we need your help to make our efforts go even further.

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