Throughout the summer and fall, Common Cause New York tackles the growing issue of low voter turnout in local elections, especially among millennial voters ages 18-34. Generation Vote, our millennial outreach and mobilization project, engages and informs young voters about local, state and federal elections.

And the best part is we get real results.

Last November we targeted roughly 38,000 occasional millennial voters via text banking. Unlike the average voter in last year’s New York City municipal election, the turn-out rate for young voters who received our texts did not decrease from the 2016 presidential election as is typical for voters regardless of age.

In fact, the turn out rate for those who responded to our texts, almost doubled.

In 2018, we are ramping up our incredibly effective mobilizing strategies to engage millennials and get them to the polls. We remain focused on New York’s youngest voters, have already quintupled our outreach efforts this year, and are proud of the tremendous impact we’ve had so far:

  • Sent 211,793 outreach texts during the primary in 17 competitive state senate districts with a simple message- Vote!
  • Engaged more than 100 volunteers, who were trained and provided with in-person volunteer opportunities, such as voter registration, canvassing, phone banking and candidate outreach.
  • 400+ New Yorkers signed up to receive election-related reminders via text message.

Want to participate in our GOTV efforts for the general? Sign up here!


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