Common Cause NY is anticipating an unprecedented number of New Yorkers will cast their ballots during the 2020 general election. The COVID-19 pandemic has placed new strains on New York’s election systems — and exacerbated existing issues. We are seeing huge upsurges in absentee ballot requests from New Yorkers. We need to act now to educate voters and to protect our democracy in November.

Election Protection is the largest national non-partisan voter assistance program. During the June 2020 primary election, Common Cause NY mobilized over 50 roving poll monitors and 29 digital volunteers to help troubleshoot voting problems across the state. Over the course of three days, we successfully connected over 300 voters with appropriate resources and visited over 100 polling stations throughout the state.

Learn more about our Election Protection program here

Now we are rallying New Yorkers across the state to join our November Election Protection campaign. Help us safeguard our elections by signing up to be a:

  • Poll Monitor: Volunteers will be provided PPE to support voters at the polls in person and connect voters who are denied the ballot to legal resources and answer questions for voters.
  • Roving Poll Monitor: Use a checklist to drive (or bike!) between polling places and check on lines, signage, and poll preparation. Report back to HQ on any problems at the polls that need to be solved.
  • Social Media Monitor: Identify voters who are posting on social media about problems voting, connecting them to resources and support, and reporting vote-related mis/disinformation.

Sign up to be an Election Protection volunteer in November!

Our *ideal* volunteers: Generally, we’re looking for adult volunteers who are registered voters. Yup, that’s it. We provide volunteer training which includes a crash course in NY election law plus all the resources you’ll need to support voters during the election.

Bonus points: A second language, a bike, a car or a social media proficiency.

Sign up to be an Election Protection volunteer in November!

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