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Media and Broadband Access for All

For New Yorkers to fully engage in our democracy, we need a competitive, independent media with a diverse range of perspectives, including a free and open internet.

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Reliable Universal Phone Service

New York is a world media capitol for all forms of communication. We’re fighting to ensure quality alternatives are accessible.

Broadband Access

Broadband access is a critical part of the digital revolution that has transformed how New Yorkers communicate, innovate, shop and advocate.

Net Neutrality

In a 21st century democracy we must guarantee of a free and open internet for everyone.

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Support the Restoration of Voting Rights in New York

New York can lead the way and put an end to the racist legacy of felony disenfranchisement laws by joining the restoration of voting rights movement.

End Partisan Redistricting in New York

Common Cause New York is dedicated to fair maps and impartially drawn districts so that our government is truly of, by, and for the people.

Call on George Santos to Resign

George Santos deceived his constituents to win a seat in Congress – and we can't let him remain in public office.

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