Fast, reliable, and affordable internet service is essential to modern life. America lags behind much of the developed world in providing citizens with reliable, affordable broadband service. That makes it more difficult for millions of Americans to move out of poverty, find a job, obtain health care and social services, access distance learning, and advocate for community change.

Internet access has long been uneven between densely populated areas and rural areas across the country, as well as limited in poorer urban neighborhoods. For example in 2015, 5.4 million New Yorkers and 55,000 businesses that did not have access to 25 Mbps broadband internet service.

Common Cause New York is working to:

  • Establish high speed and affordable broadband service for every New Yorker
  • Ensure residential customers have a competitive choice of internet and cable providers
  • Close the access gap, especially in rural areas, poorer urban neighborhoods, and on Tribal lands
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