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NYC Election Timeline: When to Expect Results

"Democracy takes time, and every vote counts. Accurate and fair election results are worth waiting for," said Susan Lerner, Board Chair of Rank the Vote NYC and Executive Director of Common Cause/NY. "Even if no one clears 50% on Election Day, we'll get the results in a comparable amount of time with none of the additional cost. Ranked choice voting affords voters more choice and more voice and puts power back in the hands of the people, delivering consensus majority winners every time. It's a win-win for voters."


Common Cause/NY Applauds Senate For Passing Vote by Mail, Assembly Advances the Bill

"Common Cause/NY applauds the New York State Senate for passing this hugely important pro-voter reform that will establish a universal vote by mail system, and we're encouraged to see the Assembly advancing the bill as well. Allowing New Yorkers to vote by mail increases voter turnout in harder to reach populations, including young people and voters of color. We know vote by mail works: New York did it successfully in 2020 when faced with the COVID-19 pandemic. As a non-partisan, voting rights organization with decades of experience, Common Cause/NY knows that not only is this absolutely legal under our constitution, but the right thing to do."


Common Cause/NY Pushes Lawmakers to Prioritize Voting Rights as Session Ends

"Lawmakers have an historic opportunity to pass legislation that will directly impact voters' lives and improve democracy ahead of 2024. From expanding absentee voting to allowing food and water on voting lines, the need is urgent: we can not rest on our laurels from years past. As we head into a Presidential election year, lawmakers must act now or New Yorkers will pay the price at the polls."


New Yorkers: Don’t Forget to Rank in the Upcoming City Council Elections!

"In 2021, New Yorkers successfully voted in the largest ranked choice voting election in U.S. history!" said Susan Lerner, executive director of Common Cause/NY. "Now, New Yorkers can take advantage of ranked choice voting again and vote for their preferred City Council candidates. Ranked choice voting affords voters more choice and more voice and puts power back in the hands of the people, delivering consensus majority winners every time. That's the robust democracy we need right now."


Common Cause/NY Applauds Assembly Judiciary Committee Vote to Repeal Constitutional Convention

"Common Cause/NY applauds the Assembly Judiciary Committee for passing the resolution that will repeal an centuries-old call for a federal constitutional convention. Extremists want to hold a constitutional convention because they want to curtail the federal government and roll back civil, labor, reproductive, and educational rights. Today's vote is one step closer to making sure that doesn't happen."


Common Cause/NY: When State Contracts are Overly Broad New Yorkers Suffer

"Overly broad contracts, like the ones with Deloitte and Boston Consulting Group for both the State of the State and now the Excelsior Pass, allow the state to spend large amounts of taxpayer dollars on dubious projects. New Yorkers should know exactly how their money is being spent and the value they're getting for it – especially on work that is historically the purview of public sector employees, not profit-driven private sector firms."

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