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Money & Influence 03.16.2020

Good Gov’t Groups to NYS Lawmakers: “Keep Policy Out of the Budget”

"...We are all agreed on a unified and focused fiscal response to the health crisis facing our state, providing the necessary funds as part of the budget so that all levels of government can respond aggressively to the public health threat presented by COVID-19. Lawmakers must remain focused on that goal alone, and not try to cram through unrelated policy issues as part of the budget. ..."

Voting & Elections 01.15.2020

NY Judge Issues Landmark Ruling Affecting More than a Million New York Voters in Advance of April 2020

Judge orders that all inactive voters' names must be included on lists maintained at all New York polling places after finding that voters' rights were violated.

Voters in Syracuse Will Decide on Independent Redistricting Commission Proposal

The Syracuse Common Council yesterday took historic action toward creating an independent redistricting commission to draw districts for the City of Syracuse. The Common Council voted 7-1 in favor of a charter amendment that will require future redistricting to be done by an independent redistricting commission that includes members of both parties and safeguards against conflicts of interest from the members of the commission.

Voting & Elections 02.27.2019

Let New Yorkers rank their candidates: It’s long past time to overhaul the way elections work

Yesterday, in one of the most crowded races in New York City history, Jumaane Williams won his campaign for Public Advocate against 16 other candidates with 33% of the vote. That’s right. A tiny fraction of New Yorkers — only 8.6% of active voters — turned out to elect the second most powerful politician in the city, and the victor didn’ t come close to a majority.

Voting & Elections 11.9.2018

Finally Let New York Vote: End restrictive practices that effectively disenfranchise millions, beginning with early voting

In the midterm election, 38 million Americans in 37 states voted early. None of them were in New York. Instead, eager New Yorkers turned out in record numbers only to wait in long lines, in the rain, sometimes for hours at a time.

Common Cause/NY and Advocates Call for Public Hearings on Sexual Harassment

Strong sexual harassment legislation requires input from experts, advocates, and those who have experienced sexual harassment themselves. New York State has not held a public hearing on sexual harassment since 1992.

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