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Common Cause/NY Calls For Justice for Jordan Neely

"Equal application of the law is a fundamental tenet of democracy, one that District Attorney Bragg has exemplified. We urge the D.A. to make no exception now in the case of Jordan Neely – a confirmed homicide by the coroner – and arrest and charge Penny accordingly. We call on our elected officials to condemn citizens taking the law into their own hands."


Common Cause/NY Statement on Rep. Santos Indictment

"Mr. Santos' breathtaking scope of lies has left his constituents -- and all New Yorkers -- gasping for air and calling for accountability. Now that the Eastern District of New York has appropriately indicted him, Mr. Santos should resign. It's been clear for a long time that the voters have been defrauded, and Mr. Santos' seat in Congress is tantamount to an ill gotten gain: he should not be allowed to profit from the fruits of his deception. Voters deserve a representative who doesn't lie and deceive their way into power, and unfortunately they have waited too long for Mr. Santos to do the right thing and resign."


Lawmakers, Let NY Vote Push for Votings Rights Package in Remaining Days of Session

"Lawmakers have an historic opportunity to pass legislation that will directly impact voters' lives. From expanding absentee voting to allowing food and water on voting lines, New York has a real chance to lead and protect voters. We look forward to working with lawmakers to get these bills passed, and then with the Board of Elections to implement these long overdue reforms in time for the critical 2024 elections."


Watchdog Groups: Cuomo’s Lawsuit is a Sham, Ethics Commission Should Do its Job

"We have fought for years to establish an independent ethics commission, one that is not under the thumb of the governor or any of the state's elected leaders. Sadly, we have seen what happens when an ethics watchdog is on the leash of the governor. The former governor's lawsuit to gut the new Commission on Ethics and Lobbying in Government (COELIG) is nothing more than a disingenuous move for attention while he faces an impending ruling over his book deal. We hope that the court, like us, sees the wisdom in having an ethics agency that is less controlled by the governor, not more. We urge COELIG to act quickly – and independently – and rule on the former governor's potential misuse of taxpayer money."


Good Govt Groups: Told You So! NY Needs Citizen Led Redistricting NOW

"The Assembly maps drawn by the Independent Redistricting Commission are almost identical to the maps drawn by the Assembly already in place – showing that this whole process was a waste of New Yorkers' time and money. New Yorkers deserve non-partisan maps not drawn by politicians who have their own stake in the outcome. We have long maintained that people, not politicians, should decide what the maps look like. If New York lawmakers want to respond to voters' desire that this chaos never happens again, they must advance an amendment that enshrines a truly independent redistricting process into the constitution."


Common Cause/NY Pushes for Details on Hochul’s 2M State of the State

"Common Cause/NY was surprised to read in the New York Times that the Governor spent $2M on outside consultants to help craft the State of State. New Yorkers deserve to know what they got for that seven figure expenditure of their tax dollars. The creeping privatization of government is an ongoing concern that Common Cause/NY has expressed repeatedly – specifically as it relates to the drain of talent away from public service – and we plan to FOIL the Comptroller for the contracts to further understand what New Yorkers paid for. It is unclear why it was necessary to outsource such an assignment to begin with."

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