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Let NY Vote Coalition on BOE Commissioner Kellner’s Departure

"Doug Kellner had a deep understanding of election administration. He championed accountability, election security and accuracy as well as the use of paper ballots throughout his tenure on the Board. We are incredibly appreciative of his nearly two decades in public service as Commissioner and Co-Chair of the New York State Board of Elections. We look forward to working with incoming Commissioner and former NYC Council member Henry Berger to prioritize transparency, equity and voter-friendly reforms ahead of this year's 2024 election cycle and beyond."


Common Cause/NY On Redistricting Decision: “New York’s Redistricting Process is Fundamentally Broken”

"New York's redistricting process is fundamentally broken, and today's court decision striking down the state's current congressional map does little to fix this process long-term. The only way to prevent future court battles from deciding our representatives is for the Legislature to adopt a permanent fix to redistricting that centers people over politicians. That means lawmakers must prioritize passing a constitutional amendment that creates a truly independent, citizen-led redistricting commission that puts the power in the hands of New Yorkers – not elected officials."


ICYMI: Buffalo News Editorializes In Favor of Common Cause/NY Lawsuit to Prevent ExpressVote XL Voting Machine


Elected officials, Common Cause/NY Rally in Support of Santos Inspired Campaign Bill

"Voters expect – at the very least – the people running to represent them are who they say they are. That's why Senator Liu and Assembly Member Sillitti's newly revised bill is important: it raises the accountability bar for candidates and makes it harder for candidates who lack integrity– like Mr. Santos – to defraud New York voters. We're hopeful lawmakers will pass this bill swiftly come January so no future candidate bamboozles the public again," said Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause/NY.


Common Cause/NY on Santos Expulsion: “Good!”

"Today's decision to expel Mr. Santos is a win for voters and democracy. Mr. Santos' deception and likely violation of federal law has been clear for a long time. Voters did not deserve a representative that lied and defrauded his way into Congress. The House Ethics Committee's diligent bi-partisan report made crystal clear that Mr. Santos is plainly unfit to serve in public office any longer. We commend the New York delegation's overwhelming bi-partisan vote in favor of expelling Mr. Santos, and all other Representatives who voted to protect the integrity of the House."


Common Cause/NY & The Black Institute Sue NYSBOE Over Certification of Flawed Voting Machine

"The certification of the ExpressVote XL – an expensive and below standard voting machine – was a major step backwards for New York, and an exceedingly poor decision ahead of the 2024 presidential election year when election security remains a fraught topic. Paper ballots marked by the voter -- which New York currently uses -- are the preferred election security standard. The court must overturn the Board of Elections' wrong decision to certify the machine before the 2024 election," said Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause/NY.

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