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Money & Influence 03.16.2020

Good Gov’t Groups to NYS Lawmakers: “Keep Policy Out of the Budget”

"...We are all agreed on a unified and focused fiscal response to the health crisis facing our state, providing the necessary funds as part of the budget so that all levels of government can respond aggressively to the public health threat presented by COVID-19. Lawmakers must remain focused on that goal alone, and not try to cram through unrelated policy issues as part of the budget. ..."

Money & Influence 10.16.2015

Secret Political Spending Through 501c3 Organizations

One of Common Cause New York's "Solutions for Strengthening JCOPE," Changes to Source of Funding Disclosure

Money & Influence 04.16.2015

Deadlock Results in No Action: NYS Board of Elections Fails to Close LLC Loophole

We are disappointed by the State Board of Elections' deadlock, which leaves in place its ill-advised and outdated 1996 advisory opinion that treats limited liability companies (LLCs) like individuals, rather than corporations.

Ethics 03.31.2015

Albany Ethics Reform is Inadequate

Albany Ethics Reform is Inadequate

Ethics 02.23.2015

Report Finds that Vast Majority of New York State Lawmakers Have No Outside Jobs or Make Little Income from those Jobs

A coalition of government reform organizations today urged that Governor Cuomo and State Lawmakers agree on strict, new limits on legislators’ outside income. As part of their call, the groups issued a report, “Serving Two Masters: Conflicts of Interest in Albany,” which argued that New York should follow the restrictions applied to Congress.

Ethics 02.5.2015

Common Cause NY's Susan Lerner discusses the latest push for ethics reforms.

Common Cause NY discusses lack of transparency and openness in Assembly Speaker replacement process, urges Governor and legislators to take up ethics and rules reforms this session.

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