VIDEO LINKS AND QUOTES from Today’s Media Briefing: Common Cause Minnesota Submits Community Drawn Maps

Earlier today, Our Maps coalition co-leader, Common Cause Minnesota, briefed the media on the filing of community-drawn maps for consideration in this year’s redistricting cycle. The maps were drawn to ensure that Black, Indigenous, and Minnesotans of Color are fairly represented in the state’s new voting maps. The maps are the latest development in an ongoing lawsuit that is squarely focused on securing fair community representation rather than the interests of political parties or political operatives.   

In case you missed today’s media briefing, you can find the video link to the recording here.  

Select quotes from the briefing, in order of speakers, are below. 

Regarding the civic significance of the map filing:
“These community-drawn maps are proof that we can draw district lines that prioritize the needs of the voters ahead of the politicians. We deserve a democracy where everyone has an equal voice when it comes to the issues, we care about most, not just the politicians and political operatives. We look forward to securing fair maps that provide free and fair elections for every voter and reflect the rapidly growing BIPOC community in Minnesota,” said Annastacia Belladonna-Carrera, executive director of Common Cause Minnesota. 

Regarding the nonpartisan nature of the redistricting lawsuit:
“While other lawsuits are concerned with the political party jockeying, our lawsuit is laser-focused on ensuring every Minnesotan has fair representation and equal say in the issues that impact them and their communities. The maps filed as part of our lawsuit ensure that this year’s redistricting process is fair and inclusive of every community in Minnesota,” said Brian Dillon, attorney at Lathrop GPM 

Regarding the need for fair representation of the Latino community:
“As the demographics in central and southern Minnesota have become more diverse, the political representation has not kept pace. In fact, our Latino and other persons of color communities have not had adequate political representation of shared concerns or issues that we face in Minnesota. These maps will help ensure that our communities have the power to deliver the resources our community needs to thrive,” said Jovita Francisco, Executive Director of the Minnesota Immigrant Movement. 

Regarding the importance of community-driven maps:
“We believe we need to build a democracy where everyone participates, every vote is counted, and everyone’s voice is heard. Our democracy is strongest when everyone has the power to vote for the issues we care about most, like stronger schools, better roads and transportation, and affordable healthcare. In a strong democracy, political power belongs to all of us,” said Richard Jennis, Community Organizer of African Career, Education, & Resource Inc. (ACER). 

To view the congressional district state map, click here 

To view the congressional district metro map, click here. 

To view the state legislative district state map, click here. 

To view the state legislative district metro map, click here