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We're pushing for fair electoral maps.

In America, no liberty is more fundamental than the right to freely choose our representatives at the ballot box. But when elected officials manipulate our maps to create gerrymandered districts, our votes no longer matter. That’s why Common Cause Minnesota is working for fair, independent redistricting.

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Count Me In, Minnesota

The Census governs the apportionment of Minnesota's congressional and state legislative seats, and the number of its electoral votes. We are making sure you are counted.

Fair Maps for Minnesota

We must stop partisan politicians from manipulating Minnesota's voting maps to keep themselves and their party in power.

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Modern elections for all Minnesotans

Every Minnesota voter deserves modern, secure, fair, and accessible elections. Automatic voter registration will help modernize our elections.

Demand an end to gerrymandering

Demand an end to political gerrymandering so we can have a more reflective democracy using an independent redistricting commission to draw fair maps.

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