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Redistricting Report: Native Nations Won Historic Redistricting Victories in Minnesota

A new report released by Common Cause shows how Minnesota's Native Nations and Tribes successfully advocated for effective representation during the 2021 redistricting process.

Voting & Elections 05.16.2024

Elections Omnibus Passage Strengthens Voting Rights, But Work Still to Do

Ending prison gerrymandering, establishing a Minnesota Voting Rights Act, and expanding voting rights are great steps to improving democracy, but we cannot stop at these measures.

Statement on State Senator Mitchell’s Participation in Legislature

"The principle that a person is innocent until proven guilty is an important one. Whether Sen. Miller’s actions fall within the scope of improper conduct falls squarely within the authority of the Senate Ethics Commission."


Redistricting Coalition Urges Clean Process for Important Reform

Common Cause Minnesota, in partnership with community-led groups, is urging legislative leaders to pass redistricting reform legislation as a stand-alone bill.

With Us, For Us Constitutional Amendment on Redistricting Announced

Constitutional amendment that would allow for community-driven independent redistricting if Minnesota voters approve it.

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