Redistricting Coalition Urges Clean Process for Important Reform

As the legislative session hits its final month, Common Cause Minnesota, in partnership with community-led groups, is urging legislative leaders to pass redistricting reform legislation as a stand-alone bill. The grassroots With Us, For Us Redistricting Amendment bill (HF4593/SF4894) is a standalone reform bill. 

“Our elected officials should be centering a clean amendment, like HF4593/SF4894, backed by five plus years of community work and input, to stand on its own and pass this session,” said Annastacia Belladonna-Carrera, executive director of Common Cause Minnesota. “Having an independent commission draw districts that allow communities of color and Native Nations to have districts that truly represent them is too important to risk a legal challenge to leadership’s multi-subject approach or a loss at the ballot box because it was weighed down by less popular and less important topics.” 

Some democracy stakeholders and legislators have already called into question the legality of the multi-part constitutional amendment pushed by House leadership, which would create an independent redistricting commission, end the revolving door of legislator to lobbyist, and give legislative leaders control over their meeting schedules, creating the potential for permanent legislative session.  HF4593 is currently in the House rules committee, awaiting passage for a full House vote.

“Minnesotans deserve to have their voices heard in redistricting and they deserve an ethical legislature that closes the door to having legislators cash in as lobbyists. These topics should stand on their own,” Belladonna-Carrera said.