Michigan Must ‘Finish the Job’ on Protecting Democracy

Common Cause Michigan calls on leaders to pass stronger voting rights following Gov. Whitmer’s state address

LANSING, MI — This morning, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer gave her “What’s Next” address to the public and legislature. Among several issues, Gov. Whitmer highlighted the importance of protecting the “health of democracy” heading into the upcoming fall legislative session. Of note, the governor called on the legislature to shore up election laws targeting voter safety.

Quentin Turner, executive director of Common Cause Michigan (CCMI), has issued the following statement in response to the speech:

“We applaud Governor Whitmer for her commitment to stronger protections of our fundamental right to vote fairly and freely.

For years, Michiganders of all backgrounds believed and supported the notion that every election should be safe, secure, and free. Earlier this summer, we saw incredible steps toward that ideal, with the legislature passing laws that increased early voting, protected voters, and made sure election deniers couldn’t conduct post-election audits. Gov. Whitmer’s call to strengthen voter protections showcases that idea, guaranteeing that the voice of the people will be accepted without interference. Election Day should be a day of celebration. No one should have to fear violence or intimidation at the polls.

What’s next is up to our leaders, and we’re asking the Michigan Legislature to work together, protect the health of democracy and prove Michigan as a state that values the rights of its citizens.”


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