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Voting & Elections 09.9.2022

Today ‘Marks The Next Step For Voting Reform’ in Michigan Following Placement of Promote the Vote 2022 on the Ballot

LANSING, Mich. — Yesterday, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled in favor of allowing Promote the Vote 2022 (of which Common Cause Michigan is a supporter) on the upcoming general election ballot.

Common Cause Releases 2022 “Democracy Scorecard” Showing Growing Support in Congress for Democracy Reform

LANSING, MI — As constituents evaluate the performance of their members of Congress, Common Cause released its 2022 “Democracy Scorecard,” a tracking resource with the positions of all members of Congress on campaign finance reform, ethics and transparency, and voting rights legislation. The fourth biennial scorecard is produced to help constituents hold their leaders in the 117th Congress accountable for passing common-sense legislation that preserves and strengthens our democracy.

Voting & Elections 08.26.2022

Common Cause Michigan Says ‘Michiganders — Not Former Presidents’ — Choose Our Candidates, Ahead of Republican Convention

"While Common Cause Michigan remains staunchly nonpartisan, we must denounce the lies about our elections that have been disproven over and over again. That includes those who refuse to uphold the will of the people and violate our election laws to do so."

Common Cause Files Amicus Brief Requesting Review of Michigan State Senate Voting Map for Racial Gerrymandering

LANSING, MI — Today, Common Cause filed a joint amicus brief with Michigan State University professor Jon X. Eguia in Agee v. Benson, a case in which plaintiffs argue that Michigan’s state legislative maps violate the U.S. Constitution and the Voting Rights Act.

Voting & Elections 08.8.2022

Common Cause Michigan Renews Call for Special Prosecutor After Matthew DePerno Found Involved in Voting-System Breach

LANSING, MI — Yesterday, GOP Michigan Attorney General candidate Matthew DePerno was found to have allegedly been involved in the breach of a voting system in Western Michigan. DePerno led a team that gained unauthorized access to voting equipment, then is reported to have used that access in an attempt to substantiate the false claims that Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election.


Michigan Primary Election Results Show “Democracy Hangs in the Balance”

"Officials like Gibbs and Dixon represent a continued movement of partisan candidates who have aided the former president in uplifting the Big Lie — a destructive scheme to try and overturn our votes in the 2020 election. This scheme that Gibbs and Dixon support is what led to the Jan. 6 insurrection, a bloody and violent attempt to block the peaceful transfer of power."

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