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Voting & Elections 06.3.2024

Delta County situation a stress-test for November elections

Our guardrails worked, but we need to make sure we reinforce them this August and November

Michigan Can Do More in 2024

Common Cause is encouraging both Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the Michigan Legislature to continue to prioritize our democracy and safeguard our elections this year.

Voting & Elections 06.4.2022

Common Cause Michigan Issues Statement After State Supreme Court Rules Against GOP Gubernatorial Candidates’ Appeal to Remain on Primary Ballot


Common Cause Michigan Issues Statement on MI Board of State Canvassers Decision to Remove 8 Candidates from Aug. 2 Primary Ballot

Voting & Elections 10.26.2014

Report Finds Outdated Michigan Laws Hinder Voter Registration & Citizen Participation

Michigan is clinging to outdated voter registration laws that make it more difficult for citizens to take part in the November 8 election, Common Cause says in a report released today, but the state's use of paper ballots provides assurance that all votes will be counted as cast.

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