U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Pennsylvania Supreme Court Congressional Redistricting

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  • Micah Sims, David Vance
Statement of Micah Sims, Common Cause Pennsylvania Executive Director

Today’s Supreme Court Ruling was a victory for Pennsylvania voters who will now be able to cast ballots for congressional candidates in districts not unconstitutionally manipulated to make them uncompetitive. It has always been our belief that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court acted in the best interest of the citizens of our commonwealth. The old map was an egregious attempt to predetermine congressional elections, which is why they ruled the map as unconstitutional. Yes, we hoped that our legislative and executive branches could work in harmony for a new map however in that absence a map was drawn for the citizens to exercise their vote and representation in Congress. It is time to inform, prepare and encourage Pennsylvania to vote on Tuesday, May 15th. Lastly, Common Cause Pennsylvania is asking for our governor, state elected officials, reform organizations and grassroot movements to join forces and create a cure to the disease known as gerrymandering.