Trump “Two for One” Regulations Gimmick is Ill-Conceived, Unnecessary, and Dangerous

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  • David Vance
Statement by Michael Copps, Former FCC Commissioner and Common Cause Special Advisor

The Trump Administration’s recent Executive Order (EO) on regulations is ill-conceived, unnecessary, and dangerous. The Executive Orders lack meaningful specificity, leaving consumers, advocates and policy makers in the dark. The EO’s “two for one” provision creates an arbitrary mandate to undo time-tested safeguards. Moreover, the “regulatory budget” binds the hands of the policy experts in government who use the best data available to fashion rules in the public interest.

This Executive Order is unwarranted and undirected. This has nothing to do with making government more efficient; it is an ideological assault against the public interest.

Of particular concern, the EO may impact independent regulators such as the FCC. Time and again the citizens of our nation have stood up for strong public interest safeguards to hold Big Cable and Big Telecoms accountable. They fought for, and won, historic Open Internet (“net neutrality”) protections. They want an agency that can maintain and enforce them, and craft strong new rules to respond to abuses as they arise.

The two-for-one measure is blatantly contrary to law, common sense administrative procedures, and the public good.  If, as is altogether possible, the ‘independent’ FCC’s new leadership embraces the Trump plan, who will choose which regs go by the board?  Just the chairman?  Won’t we need an expensive and time-consuming rule-making for each one?

This is what government by billionaires and special interests looks like. Consumers, hang on to your wallets!