Statement by Common Cause President Bob Edgar on Today’s Supreme Court Hearing in Arizona v. ITCA

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  • Dale Eisman

“We are in the Supreme Court this morning so that all Americans can vote without burdensome and unnecessary barriers. The motor voter law is one of our country’s great success stories because it sets a clear national standard for expanding access to the ballot box. Arizona sought to supersede federal requirements by demanding that voters provide additional documents to state officials before they can be added to the rolls. We hope the Supreme Court affirms the 9th Circuit and re-establishes the motor voter law as the law of the land, including Arizona.”


Common Cause, represented by MALDEF, Mexican American Legal Defense Fund, is part of a coalition of individuals and advocacy groups that joined in challenging Arizona’s attempt to impose voter registration requirements beyond those established by the National Voter Registration Act, commonly known as the “motor voter” law.

Decisions in Arizona v. ICTA and another key voting rights case, Shelby County v. Holder, are expected before the Court adjourns at the end of June.

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