Santa Fe Joins Independent Redistricting Movement

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  • Viki Harrison

National momentum for fair and transparent redistricting continued as Santa Fe, New Mexico launched implementation of an Independent Citizens’ Redistricting Commission. In March 2014, Santa Fe voters passed a ballot measure to create the commission, which will draw City Council districts. Last month the Santa Fe City Council established procedures for the Commission. The deadline for applying to the commission is Thursday, January 15.

“Common Cause New Mexico (CCNM) was thrilled that Santa Fe voters joined states and municipalities across America by giving citizens a voice in the drawing of their City Council districts,” said Viki Harrison, Executive Director for CCNM. “We now look forward to working with our allies to bring changes statewide so New Mexicans will vote in congressional and state legislative districts that are drawn to ensure democratic accountability instead of partisan advantage.”

Every ten years, following the completion of the United States Census, New Mexico’s state, municipal and federal political districts are re-drawn. Before establishing this Independent Commission, the Santa Fe City Council drew their own districts.

Santa Fe joins Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Washington, and municipalities across the country in its creation of an independent commission of citizens to draw districts. Earlier this year, the Ohio General Assembly passed a bill that will place on the November 2015 ballot a referendum that would make the drawing of state legislative districts less partisan. 

You can find all the details on the City Clerk’s website, including how to apply for a position on the Commission.