Redistricting Efforts Won’t End Here

Common Cause has worked for more than 30 years on redistricting and we certainly won’t stop now, despite defeat on Election Day of redistricting proposals in Ohio and California. We knew when we launched these campaigns that we would face tremendous opposition from entrenched incumbents, both Republicans and Democrats, and from special interests. In fact, in California they contributed millions and millions of dollars to ensure that they keep the unfair redistricting process in their own hands so that they can be re-elected with little competition.

We’re disappointed that the redistricting initiatives in Ohio and California didn’t win. But this fight has just begun. We will continue to challenge the undemocratic, rigged system of elections that leaves the voters unable to elect those who best represent their interests. The redistricting campaigns have started a national dialogue on the issue and we intend to push ahead to hold politicians accountable in Florida, Massachusetts and in other states.