President Trump Shuts Down Pence-Kobach Election Integrity Commission

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  • David Vance
Statement By Common Cause President Karen Hobert Flynn

This commission was flawed from the start, led by the wrong people pushing the wrong agenda. We are pleased that the commission has been dissolved, although we are not backing down from any of our efforts to ensure that every eligible American can vote and have their ballot counted as cast.

It is clear from the White House’s statement this evening that American voters still need to be protected from this Administration’s hostility to voting rights and secure elections. The first question among many is what the commission intends to do with the data that it has already collected from the states.

The commission was never charged with addressing real problems and lacked bipartisan leadership, unlike previous presidential commissions on elections. Instead of addressing real problems like Russian hacking and solutions that improve security and accessibility, the commission was always a partisan vehicle to justify President Trump’s baseless lies about why he lost the popular vote.

Common Cause is proud to be one of several organizations that took legal action against the commission, which ultimately led to President Trump dissolving it. We will continue to monitor and fight any attempt by the Trump administration to restrict the right to vote or misinform the public about the election process.

To view Common Cause’s September 2017 report on the commission, click here.

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