President Obama’s Decision to Accept Corporate Inaugural Funding Disappoints

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  • Dale Eisman

The Obama Inaugural Committee’s announcement that it will accept unlimited corporate and individual donations fits an unfortunate and dangerous pattern for the President and the country, Common Cause said today.

“Through two campaigns, President Obama has said all the right things about the need to get big money out of our politics – and then done a lot of the wrong things,” said Common Cause President Bob Edgar. “This is another example of that. Why would the President and the inaugural committee decide to take as much money as millionaires and corporations care to give, inviting the corrupting influence that inevitably goes with it?

“The committee’s promises that all donors will be disclosed and vetted, presumably to screen out those looking to get something from the administration in return for their money, are some comfort. But the President has again missed an opportunity to put actions behind his words and advance a cause – campaign finance reform – he claims to care about.”