Klobuchar, Warner, McCain Online Transparency Bill Good First Step in Response to Russian Election Attacks

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  • David Vance
Statement of Common Cause President Karen Hobert Flynn

Americans have a right to know who is using political advertising to influence their votes and their views. As technology changes and political advertising shifts to online platforms, our transparency laws should keep pace. The recent revelations of Kremlin-connected influence operations on Facebook and Twitter underscore how important it is for Congress to take meaningful action. The bipartisan HONEST Ads Act is a critical step forward in enhancing the transparency of online political advertising. Common Cause commends Senators Klobuchar, Warner and McCain for their strong bipartisan leadership in introducing this important bill to bolster the integrity of our democracy.

It is time for Members of the House and the Senate to follow suit in putting their country before their party and pass the HONEST Ads Act. The Russian attacks on our elections revealed extreme vulnerabilities in many facets of our elections and Congress must set aside partisanship and work together to address these very real threats to our national security. Citizens expect no less of their elected representatives.