In Their Own Words: Common Cause Members on Why They are Attending Tax Day March to Demand Trump Tax Returns

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  • David Vance

Common Cause members will be joining Tax Marches from coast to coast on Saturday to demand that President Donald Trump release his taxes. Tens of thousands of Americans are expected to attend more than 100 marches taking place across the country to express their outrage that the President refuses to release his taxes after promising repeatedly on the campaign trail to make them public. Every U.S. President since the 1960s, including Richard Nixon, has released their tax returns and none has had conflicts anything like Trump’s with his business holdings all over the globe.

“The American people are outraged that President Trump has broken his promise to release his taxes raising doubts and casting shadows over countless actions taken by his Administration,” said Karen Hobert Flynn, Common Cause president. “We have members all over the country who will be taking to the streets tomorrow to express their outrage and send a message to the White House that they are paying attention, they don’t like what is going on at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and they expect changes, beginning with the release of President Trump’s taxes.”


“Every American deserves to know who President Trump owes a favor to. We need him to prove he’s making decisions that are best for all of us, not what’s best for Donald Trump.” – Joyce Statland (Scottsdale, AZ)

“President Trump says that only the media cares about his tax returns. That’s just not true. Thousands of people across the country are marching on Saturday to tell him that we do care. His approval ratings are in the gutter for a reason – he’s not being up front with the American people and he’s not listening.” – Liz Dyrsmid (Boise, ID)

“Tax returns would show who Mr. Trump had business dealings with and if he paid any taxes. I’ve been paying taxes my whole life and there are no loopholes for working people – and there shouldn’t be loopholes for the rich. I want to know if Donald Trump actually paid his taxes.”- Nancy Brt (Lincoln, NE)

“Even Richard Nixon released his taxes. You’d think Trump would want to do as much as Nixon – unless he has something to hide?” – Paul Drinan (Portland, ME)

“If you run for president, you need to release your tax returns. If Donald Trump didn’t want to be transparent with the American people, then he shouldn’t have run for president. He needs to release his tax returns to prove he’s looking out for the country and not just himself.” – Virginia and Mitch Hirsch (Milwaukee, WI)

“Americans need to know how the president’s decisions impact his business. More importantly, we need to see how his business impacts his decisions as president. With an abysmal first hundred days, I certainly don’t have faith he’s looking out for me.” – Jack Gould (Lincoln, NE)