Gov. Snyder Takes Michigan Backwards By Signing Special Interest Campaign Finance Bills

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  • David Vance

Governor Rick Snyder was quick to sign two bills today that will increase the influence of special interests in Michigan.  SB 335 and SB 336 are unacceptable attacks on the democratic process by expanding the damage from the Supreme Court’s disastrous 2010 Citizens United decision in Michigan. Common Cause had organized its 30,000 Michigan members to email and call Gov. Snyder, urging him to veto the bills.

“Voters across the political spectrum want common sense limits on money in politics,” said Common Cause President Karen Hobert Flynn. “Instead of listening to voters, Gov. Snyder and Republicans in the Michigan legislature once again sided with wealthy special interests. No one besides a few partisan politicians and special interest lobbyists in Lansing will benefit from these new laws. The Governor has turned his back on the people of Michigan by failing to veto these bills.”

Despite Snyder and the legislative proponents’ talking points, these bills do not just codify the Citizens United decision into Michigan state law. They will in fact compound the disastrous Supreme Court decision and give big donors more power by allowing candidates to solicit unlimited contributions for Super PACs, which would then spend the money to support the candidates. 

“Michigan is already ranked last compared to the other 49 states when it comes to ethics and transparency, according to a recent nonpartisan study. These bills will only make a bad situation worse,” Hobert Flynn said. “Instead of expanding Citizens United, Gov. Snyder and Michigan legislators should be focused on reforms that build a strong democracy and lift the voices of everyday voters.  Michigan’s biggest and wealthiest political donors already have too big a voice in state politics, and these new laws will make it even easier for them to buy what they want.”