Former Columbus Urban League president joins Common Cause Ohio’s reform efforts

Sam Gresham, (614) 224-2497

Former Columbus Urban League president joins Common Cause Ohio’s reform efforts

Samuel Gresham Jr., former president and chief executive officer of the Columbus Urban League, has joined Common Cause Ohio as an outreach director for the organization’s efforts to pass common sense reforms designed to restore accountability to the political process and restrict the corrupting influence of money in political campaigns.

Gresham, who headed the Columbus Urban League for 20 years, will be a key part of Common Cause Ohio’s work with Reform Ohio Now (RON) to win voter approval of four reform initiatives that will be on the Ohio ballot in November.

Common Cause is working with Reform Ohio Now (RON) to pass initiatives that would restore reasonable campaign contribution limits, put redistricting in the hands of an independent commission, establish nonpartisan administration of elections and allow for no-fault absentee balloting.

“These four reform initiatives would go a long way toward restoring accountability in Ohio, and making government more responsive to Ohioans,” Gresham said. “I’m very pleased to be working with Common Cause Ohio on this effort.”

Gresham will work on coalition building, fundraising and public outreach from the Common Cause Ohio office in Columbus.

Gresham joined the Columbus Urban League in 1985 from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. He has a background in broadcasting, and was the producer of the first black talk show in the history. He also played minor league baseball for the Chicago White Sox.

His deep involvement in civic activities includes membership on the Black Male Commission; co-founder of the City of Columbus Community Relations Commission; member of the Committee for the Master Plan for the City of Columbus; Columbus Public School Superintendent Selection Committee; co-vice chairman of Ohio BEST; and chairman of District One of the State of Ohio School to Work system.

Gresham’s email address is He is reachable at (614) 224-2497.