DeLay says he will halt political fundraising in the name of children

Common Cause gratified with reported decision after five-month campaign to stop him

Common Cause is gratified by reports that House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX) has said he will stop raising money under the guise of a children’s charity to fund his political activities at the Republican National Convention this summer.

New York Times story on DeLay decision, May 20

Rep. DeLay’s decision comes after Common Cause three times since December 2003 asked the House Ethics Committee to rule on the legality of Rep. DeLay’s plan to use a charity as a fundraising vehicle to subsidize donor events at the GOP convention in New York in August. Common Cause was also seeking a House Member to make the same request of the Ethics Committee, which does not accept complaints from groups outside of Congress. Common Cause also filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service, asking the agency to deny tax-exempt status for the charity, Celebrations for Children (CfC), which was run mostly by Rep. DeLay’s political operatives and a current employee.

“This was never about Rep. DeLay helping neglected children,” said Common Cause President Chellie Pingree. “This was about evading the ban on soft money and raising money to fund Rep. DeLay’s political activities for a week in New York.”

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