Common Cause urges Senate to heed Obama’s call for filibuster reform

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  • Dale Eisman

Senators should act quickly, and favorably, on President Obama’s suggestion that they change Senate rules to require action within 90 days on White House nominations for federal judgeships and top government offices, Common Cause said today.

“A 90-day deadline for action on nominations, proposed by the President in his State of the Union message, would be a start toward real filibuster reform,” said Bob Edgar, president and CEO of the non-profit government watchdog group. “It would provide ample time to review and debate each nominee’s qualifications and give nominees the up-or-down votes they deserve.”

Common Cause is continuing to lobby for changes in the filibuster rule that would protect the Senate minority’s ability to influence legislation while allowing the majority to work its will, Edgar said.

In the current Congress, filibusters have at least temporarily blocked Senate action on 48 bills, resolutions or nominations. Those statistics do not include cases in which the mere threat of a filibuster has led Senate leaders to withdraw measures from the floor.