Common Cause Urges FCC to Heed Obama’s Call for Open Internet Protections

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  • Dale Eisman

President Obama’s call for strong Open Internet (“net neutrality”) protections under Title II of the Telecommunications Act is an important step toward ensuring that the Internet remains a forum for the free and robust exchange of ideas, Common Cause said today.

The President’s leadership should encourage the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to write rules that ban paid prioritization and Internet Service Provider (ISP) censorship. Strong Open Internet rules preserve the innovative capacity of the Internet and ensure that its transformative power extends to all consumers – not just those who can afford a fast lane.

“The President wasn’t kidding when he said he’d take a back seat to no one on net neutrality,” said Michael Copps, a former FCC Commissioner now serving as special adviser to Common Cause’s Media and Democracy Reform Initiative. “Thank you, Mr. President. And thanks to the millions of Americans who helped make this happen. As someone who has been pushing for Title II since 2002, when the FCC wrongly classified broadband, I am thrilled. Now the FCC must show the same kind of leadership and courage.” 

The courts have twice thrown out previous FCC attempts to draft net neutrality rules under other legal authority.

Commissioner Copps is available for comment. Direct media inquiries to Todd O’Boyle, Program Director of the Media and Democracy Reform Initiative: 202.736.5797