Commission Proposals Would Shift Power to Voters, Away from Partisan Operators

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  • Dale Eisman
Common Cause Statement on Redistricting Recommendations of Gov. Terry McAuliffe's Commission on Integrity and Public Confidence In State Government

The redistricting recommendations submitted today by Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s Integrity Commission would go a long way toward shifting political power to voters and away from partisan operatives. The General Assembly should approve them promptly.

“We’re pleased to see Virginia joining the growing national movement for independent redistricting that allows voters to choose their elected officials rather than allowing officials to choose their voters,” said Dan Vicuna, Common Cause’s national redistricting coordinator.

The commission’s proposals closely track recommendations submitted to the panel this fall by Common Cause as well as a set of national redistricting principles adopted earlier this year by a coalition of redistricting reform advocates.

“We commend the commission for its strong statement in favor of districts that are contiguous and compact, respect existing city and county boundaries, provide for strong representation of racial and ethnic minorities, and are drawn without regard for their impact on political parties or incumbent officeholders,” Vicuna said.