Boehner’s Decision Reflects the Nation’s Frustration

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  • Scott Swenson, Dale Eisman
Unbridled Partisanship Brought Down the Speaker

The deepening polarization of American politics has claimed another victim in House Speaker John Boehner, Common Cause President Miles Rapoport said today.

“Speaker Boehner’s decision to give up the speakership and his seat in the House reflects the frustration felt by millions of Americans – independent, Democrat and Republican — with the breakdown of civility and the absence of a spirit of compromise in Washington and too many of our state and local governments,” Rapoport said.

“We at Common Cause certainly share that frustration. We had important differences with the Speaker on a range of critical issues, but I hope today that his sacrifice will be a sobering moment for all of his colleagues and kindle bipartisan action to reform our democracy and make government work for everyone.”