Big Deal, Big Money — an Interactive Online Comic That’s Not So Funny

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  • Dale Eisman

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“Big Deal, Big Money,” an interactive comic illustrating Verizon’s multi-pronged campaign to control the flow of information online and squeeze millions of dollars in additional profit out of its Internet customers, was published today on and other websites.

Produced by Common Cause and Symbolia magazine, the comic makes a strong case for the preservation of common sense, open Internet “net neutrality” protections. Without these rules, which Verizon is challenging in court, Internet providers would have the power to block, slow, or impose extra fees for consumer access to popular websites and applications.

The comic explains why open Internet protections matter, and conveys to Internet users what they will lose if Verizon is successful in its challenge. The comic is interactive, so readers can take action by clicking a link embedded in the graphics, and sign a petition to protect the open and uncensored Internet.

“Verizon has spent $53 million in recent years on lobbying and political contributions focused largely on upending net neutrality and turning its Internet provider business into a cash cow,” said Todd O’Boyle, program director for Common Cause’s Media and Democracy Reform Initiative. “They’ve shown time and again their willingness to spend whatever, wherever, to control what consumers can see, say, and share online. We need strong open Internet protections more than ever.”

“Big Deal, Big Money” is adapted from “Goodbye Open Internet?” a Common Cause report. It was produced in partnership with Symbolia Magazine and illustrated by Serenity Caldwell.