Arianna Huffington to Join Common Cause House Parties

We are delighted to announce that our plans for first-ever national house party on August 15 just got a HUGE boost. Arianna Huffington has enthusiastically accepted Chellie Pingree’s invitation to participate in the live conference call starting at 8 pm EST, which will connect house parties from all over the country.

Arianna Huffington, a nationally syndicated columnist and author of eight books, is an impassioned, independent and intrepid advocate for political reform and social awareness who has established herself as a distinctive and provocative figure in American politics. Arianna and Chellie will discuss issues and take your questions concerning Election Day 2004. They’ll cover topics such as voting reforms enacted since 2000, potential problems that may arise on November 2, and how you can take action locally to improve our democracy.

So, if you’re considering having a party, please go ahead and take the plunge. No need for any elaborate plans; house parties come in all sizes and types. They can be private or open to the world. You can invite just your friends or list your party on our online party center to invite supporters in your community – the choice is yours.

In order to set up your house party online please go to:

Once you sign up to host a house party, Common Cause will provide you with a house party packet, which will include step-by-step guidelines for hosting a successful party, Vote for America materials, and other action items related to election reform. You provide the place, the people, and the party atmosphere.

As another incentive for Common Causers who put together these parties, the first 35 party hosts who sign up online will each receive a special edition DVD to show at their party featuring a preview of director Robert Greenwald’s “Un Trilogy,” a package of three movies – Unprecedented, Uncovered and Unconstitutional — focusing on 2000 elections in Florida, the Iraq War and civil liberties after 911.

If you want to set up your party offline, please email your name, address, and contact information to If you know supporters who do not have online access, they can set up their party by calling Murshed Zaheed at 202-736-5732.