Appeals Court Backs ‘Wild, Wild West’ Campaign Spending

Statement by Common Cause President Bob Edgar on Today’s Decision in Van Hollen v. FEC.

“American voters are the big losers in today’s federal appeals court decision permitting ‘independent’ groups to withhold the identities of the multi-millionaires and corporations investing in the 2012 elections.

“This decision dooms voters’ last change of finding out who is intent on pumping millions of dollars into the elections. With 49 days to go, there’s still no sheriff in town, it’s the wild, wild west.

“People and companies making six- and seven-figure investments in candidates and causes will want something in return for their money, and the candidates who benefit from their generosity will have a powerful incentive to deliver it. That’s why disclosure is so important; before we go to the polls, voters should know to whom the candidates we choose will be beholden.