Administration Cybersecurity Expert to Detail Internet Voting Threats

Bruce McConnell, a senior cybersecurity official with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), will speak about Internet voting, cybersecurity and the threat of online attacks. McConnell’s talk to a conference of election administrators and election integrity advocate comes as an estimated 3 million voters will be eligible to cast ballots online (via email, efax) in the national elections and more states pursue online voting platforms.

When: Thursday March 29, 9 AM Mountain Time

Where: Election Verification Network (EVN) Conference

Hotel Santa Fe

1501 Paseo de Paralta

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Kiva Room

Who: Bruce McConnell

Senior Cybersecurity official

U.S. Department of Homeland Security

What: Mr. McConnell’s remarks will form the keynote address at the Election Verification Conference. His speech will be open to the media at this typically closed and off-the-record meeting.

Why: There is great interest from election administrators, state legislators, online voting system vendors and voters themselves to develop platforms that will allow voters to cast ballots over the Internet, from a home computer or even a smartphone. Thirty-three states now permit military and overseas voters to send voted ballots over the the Internet. With cybercrime growing rapidly, what does voting over the Internet mean for our national security? Mr. McConnell will explore this important question.

Common Cause is a member of the Election Verification Network (, which is hosting this conference. EVN is a national network of experts, election officials, and advocates improving U.S. elections by making sure each ballot is counted accurately for fair results the public can verify.