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Memo on Provisional Ballots Cast in 2022 General Election

Why Massachusetts Needs Same-Day Voter Registration

Voting & Elections 06.1.2020

Statement of the Election Modernization Coalition* Regarding Election Laws Committee Legislation Expanding Vote By Mail

Voting & Elections 05.24.2018

Automatic Voter Registration Cost Report

A study of the costs of AVR implementation in three states (Oregon, Vermont, and Colorado) to estimate those expected in Massachusetts.

Voting & Elections 03.13.2018

Early Voting: What Other States Can Teach Massachusetts

A report observing Early Voting implementation in other states to distill some best practices.

Money & Influence 03.13.2018

Shining a Light: Success of the Massachusetts Disclosure Law

A report details the impact of the 2014 Massachusetts Disclosure Act.

Transparency in Massachusetts Municipal Websites​​

In January 2010, Common Cause Massachusetts reviewed of all 351 Massachusetts municipality websites for transparency.

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