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Voting & Elections 04.17.2020

Common Cause and 50 organizations urge Speaker DeLeo, President Spilka, and members of the General Court to protect our elections.

Voting & Elections 03.19.2020

BREAKING: Elections Advocates Call for Protecting Public Health and the Integrity of Elections in Massachusetts

The Election Modernization Coalition urges officials in Massachusetts to act quickly to adopt reforms that will protect the right to vote in the midst of a crisis of indeterminate duration where public health officials recommend that people remain in their homes as much as possible, practice social distancing, and limit gatherings to less than 10 people.

Voting & Elections 01.23.2020

Election Day Registration Data

Election Day Registration is a more than 40-year old reform that ensures all eligible voters can cast a ballot that is counted. To understand how voters use this reform, we surveyed states with EDR. The 21 states with EDR report that it is a low-cost, simple reform that is overwhelmingly used by voters to update their registration rather than to register for the first time.

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