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Voting & Elections 05.24.2018

Automatic Voter Registration Would Present Minimal Costs to the Commonwealth, Study Shows

A study released today by Common Cause Massachusetts examines the cost of implementing Automatic Voter Registration in Oregon, Vermont, and Colorado.

Voting & Elections 03.22.2018

Secretary of State William Galvin Joins Statewide Groups in Calling for Automatic Voter Registration in Massachusetts

Momentum Builds for Passage as 2018 Elections Approach

Voting & Elections 08.4.2016

Election Modernization Coalition Releases Status Update on Implementation of Early Voting in Massachusetts

Press Release from Massachusetts Election Modernization Coalition from August 4th giving status update on implementation of the new Massachusetts early voting law.

Voting & Elections 07.6.2016

Massachusetts Election Modernization Coalition Statement on Early Voting Costs

Statement from Common Cause Massachusetts and the Election Modernization Coalition on concerns about the cost of early voting.

Voting & Elections 01.8.2016

Election Modernization Coalition Launches Early Voting Training Program

Press Release from the Massachusetts Election Modernization Coalition on the Launch of their Early Voting Challenge Training Program

Voting & Elections 11.5.2015

Election Modernization Coalition Launches Inaugural Early Voting Challenge

Massachusetts Election Modernization Coalition Launches Inaugural Early Voting Challenge and recommendations for implementing the state's new early voting law.

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