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Voting & Elections 05.3.2018

MassLive: Automatic voter registration in Massachusetts? Former Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson lobbies state Republicans to say yes

"Former Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson is in Massachusetts this week, lobbying the state's Republicans to back an automatic voter registration bill."

Voting & Elections 03.7.2018

Former Oregon official touts automatic voter registration to Massachusetts lawmakers

"Ten states have passed automatic voter registration laws, including Oregon. After implementing the system, Oregon to added over 230,000 new voters to the rolls within six months and had more than 97,000 new voters participate in the 2016 election. Massachusetts advocates hope to implement the system here and give more people a voice in government."

Voting & Elections 03.5.2018

Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court to consider voter registration, campaign finance cases

"The Supreme Judicial Court will consider a challenge to a Massachusetts law that requires voters to register at least 20 days before an election. It will also consider a separate case challenging a campaign finance law that prohibits businesses from making political contributions."

Voting & Elections 03.5.2018

Push For Automatic Voter Registration In Mass. Continues Despite Loss Of Key Proponent

"Supporters of automatic voter registration in Massachusetts said the proposal still has traction despite the recent death of a leading advocate. The program would automatically register citizens to vote during interactions with the Registry of Motor Vehicles and MassHealth, though people could opt out."

Voting & Elections 02.13.2018

Beacon Hill Roll Call, Jan. 29 to Feb. 9, 2018

"The Election Laws Committee gave a favorable report to legislation that would establish a system under which eligible voters would automatically be registered to vote when they interact with a state agency like the Registry of Motor Vehicles or MassHealth."

Voting & Elections 11.11.2017

Making it easier to register and vote

"Still, if it were easier to register to vote, more people would probably participate. To that end, Common Cause Massachusetts is pushing for automatic registration. It would work this way: When people interact with the Registry of Motor Vehicles or MassHealth, they would, if eligible, automatically be added to the rolls."

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