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Voting & Elections 01.29.2020

Gloucester Daily Times: Voter Groups Press for Same-Day Registration

"Election Day registration will help protect the fundamental right of every American to have their vote counted," Wilmot told a gathering of volunteers who visited the Statehouse on Tuesday to lobby for the bills. "It's a fail-safe to allow eligible voters to cast their ballots. It has been working well for 40 years across the country."

Voting & Elections 01.29.2020

95.9FM WATD: Coalition Pushing for Voting Rights Reform at State House

Assistant Director at Common Cause Massachusetts, Kristina Mensik, says currently voters must comply with a 20-day cutoff for voter registration which deprives residents of their right to vote each election cycle.

Voting & Elections 01.23.2020

The Daily Free Press: Mass. bill could give cities freedom to lower voting age

Kristina Mensik, assistant director of nonprofit election advocacy group Common Cause Massachusetts, said with the current voting age at 18, many citizens gain their suffrage just as they are moving out of their home. . .

Voting & Elections 06.25.2019

Lowell Sun: Advocates push same-day registration, vote

"We need it to protect the fundamental right of democracy for everyone to have their vote counted," Pam Wilmot, executive director of Common Cause Massachusetts, said Wednesday.

Voting & Elections 06.20.2019

Boston Globe: Galvin, Healey advocate for same-day registration on Beacon Hill

Less than a year after the state approved automatic voter registration, some lawmakers on Beacon Hill are advocating to allow eligible residents to register and vote on election day — a change they say would be the “final step” to ensure all those who can vote could access the ballot box.

Voting & Elections 03.13.2019

WGBH: Should Massachusetts Change How Residents Vote?

If ever there was a case to be made for election reform, some say you need to look no further than what just happened Tuesday night in Fall River. Mayor Jasiel Correia is facing federal fraud charges, and Tuesday night, he was recalled by voters. But on that very same ballot, he was elected mayor again, essentially succeeding himself. Pam Wilmot is with Common Cause Massachusetts and advocates for electoral reform.

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