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Voting & Elections 06.28.2023

Election Modernization Coalition Celebrates One Year of the VOTES Act

"We’re grateful that a year ago, our leaders took crucial steps toward a more accessible and equitable democracy."

Voting & Elections 06.21.2023

Voting Rights Advocates Testify in Support of Common Sense Voting and Redistricting Reforms

Ranked choice voting, lowering the voting age, and redistricting reforms up for debate

Money & Influence 05.17.2023

Watchdog Group Testifies in Support of Campaign Finance Reform Bills

Executive director Geoff Foster testified in support of legislation to limit political spending by foreign-influenced corporations and allow campaign funds to be used for childcare.

Voting & Elections 05.9.2023

Voting Reform Advocates Host Briefing on Voting ACCESS Act

The Massachusetts Election Modernization Coalition hosted lawmakers for a briefing on the Voting ACCESS Act.

Advocates call for permanent reforms to guarantee hybrid open meetings

Massachusetts legislature temporarily extends virtual access for public meetings

Voting & Elections 03.17.2023

Voting Reform Advocates Celebrate Governor Healey’s $5 Million Allocation for Local Election Officials in FY23 Supplemental Budget

Governor Maura Healey today filed a supplemental budget for the 2023 fiscal year which includes a dedicated $5 million allocation for local election officials to support new vote by mail and early voting laws passed last year in the VOTES Act.

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