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Join Common Cause Massachusetts as we celebrate nearly five decades of working towards a more open, honest, and accountable government.

We will be honoring Professor Charles Stewart III, whose expertise on issues including how the mechanics of voting affect voter behavior, election security, and the history of party polarization has immense bearing on our work at Common Cause and the future of our nation’s democracy.

The event will take place at the lovely Hampshire House, a turn-of-the-century mansion that looks out across the Boston Common. It will be festive – truly an event to celebrate the resilience of American democracy – and also a moment for clear conversation with one of the nation’s experts on paths forward for strengthening and securing our election system and building a better future.

Come celebrate 49 years of building a more open, accountable, and representative government with Common Cause Massachusetts. It will be an evening that should not be missed.

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A limited number of discounted tickets are available. Please contact Kristina at kmensik@commoncause.org.

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